Installation Method-Hollow PC Sheet


Installation Method-Hollow PC Sheet
Fasteners, Washers and Spacers
Use a screw that is appropriate for the thickness of the panel being applied All screws should feature a corrosion resistant
long-life coating to ensure durability. Stainless steel fasteners are recommended in extremely corrosive environments.

8mm panels should be directly point fastened at each purlin location using #10 x 2” wood grip screw or #12 x 1 1⁄2” self-drilling tapping screw with a 1”(25.4 mm) Umbrella Washer. 1” Thermal Glass Spacer Washers should be used under the panel at every point fastener to keep panel elevated at the same height as the support rafter, bottom channel, or ridge, and to help reduce condensation drip at purlins.

Installation Diagram

A hole must be pre-drilled into each screw location.The diameter of that hole should be 2mm or

1/16” (2mm) larger than that of the screw, to allow forthermal expansion movements.
Special attention
should be given to drill all the required holesperpendicular to the face of the material

Over Tightening
An electric screwdriver withan adjustable clutch shouldbe used to tighten screws.It is imperative that over
tightening be avoided in orderto avoid undue stresses, which would cause premature failure and buckling of the sheet.
Be certain to insert the screws perpendicular to the material face, as inclined insertion could damage the sheet and/or result in leaks

Fastener Spacing
At intermediate purlins:
The sheets have to be fastened to the purlins by fastening screws, inserted along the supporting purlins, spaced about 24” (600 mm) apart,and 12” (30 mm) from the Support Rafter and Snap-Cap.

At panel ends:
If panel ends are inserted into glazing profiles with channel recesses designed to accomodate polycarbonate (at ridge, gutter
or eave), fasteners are optional, but are highly recommendedwhen wind or snow loads can be excessive. If fasteners are used at
these points, placement should be the same as at intermediate purlins.

When panel end over hangs eave:Along the edge purlin (or gutter) where the panel is not inserted into a channel recess, the
fastening screws should be spaced about 12” (300 mm) apart apart. Permeable Tape and a Protective U-Channel
should be used for this type application.

Note: Panel ends should not over hang the eave by more than 3” (76mm). Along vertical edges of panel:
Fasteners are not necessary along the vertical edges of the panel. Securing the vertical edges of the panels is
achieved with Support Rafter and “SnapCap”, Tonon  “H” Profiles, or other similar glazing system components.